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Family and Children's Portraits

Our daily lives are so busy. Most families take hundreds of photos of their kids every week and very rarely are any of those photos printed and displayed in their home. Often, the parents are completely missing from these photos since they are playing the role of photographer.

A family portrait session is a time to slow down and document kids as they are growing up, families expanding with new members, the love between a parent. and child, the sibling bond, and all the other important moments in a family. I aim to make this process as easy as possible for you.

When to schedule your session:

Call or email as soon as you can to get your preferred date and time.  Even if it's a few months away.     

"Thank you for capturing us in such a beautiful light! I think these pictures are even better than the ones from our wedding day, and I was trying really hard to look good that day!"  

~  Emily E.

What to Wear

I provide easy clothing guides and tips to follow.  Many of my clients will send photos of their clothing to get my opinion.  I will also come to your home and help you choose.


  "I absolutely LOVE LOVE the photos, thank you. So thrilled with them!  I will treasure them forever. " ~ Jane C.

Products and Investment

I specialize in archival-quality Canvas Wraps, Stand Outs, Framed Prints, Metal Prints and Albums. Small digital images are included with the purchase of any image of $100 or more. Large digital files are also available for purchase. My clients typically invest $500-$2,000 in their portrait session.

   "The two prints came on Friday evening and look great! Incidentally, several friends have seen the pictures and everyone agrees the pictures are some of the best they've seen of family portraits."      ~  E. E.

Where your portrait session will take place.

Based in Redwood City, I use many of the beautiful natural parks near me as well as up and down the Peninsula.  The location for your session is based on your family's needs, style, time of year, time of day, and ages of your children.

Digital Images

Small digital images are included with the purchase of any image of $100 or more.

Large digital files are also available.  Call for more information.

How it all works.  3 simple steps.

1.)  Consultation

I will schedule a pre-portrait consultation appointment with you so that we can talk about the logistics for the portrait session – where and when the photos will be taken, what everyone should wear and the types of poses that you would like. You will have the opportunity to see portraits that I have taken in the past and the different options for mounting your selected portraits. This session is FREE. It gives you an opportunity to see my work in advance and ask any questions that you might have. Even if you are not ready to book a portrait session at this time, I encourage you to come and meet with me.

2.)  Portrait Session

This meeting makes it very easy for you to choose your favorite images, pressure free! We review the images that I have captured and once you have selected those that you would like to purchase, we can review all the options for displaying these images. Framed prints, Gallery Wraps, Stand Outs and Albums (among other options) are designed by me and processed at my professional lab using only the highest quality, archival materials. You may choose to purchase a package or order a la carte. Prints and wall art are available for pick up 4-6 weeks after ordering.

3.) Preview/Ordering Appointment

Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and typically take place near my home base in Redwood City or at another mutually-convenient location on the Peninsula. My goal during the portrait session is to take the stress off you. Don’t worry about whether the kids will behave or if everyone is smiling at the same time – I am there to make the session very low-key and fun for everyone. During your session, I take a variety of poses and groupings as well candid moments of your family. The images I take are a combination of what you've told me you wanted at the consultation meeting and my artistic vision.

*Your wall art and/or album order are available for pickup within 4-6 weeks.

Call now to get started   650 704-6803 or

Click here for more information.

"Thank you, Cheryl.  I am just thrilled to have these portraits coming my way.  They truly brought tears to my eyes, they are so fabulous.  they mean more to me than you will ever know.  THANK YOU! "    ~ Julie M.

650 704 6803

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